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Post  Guest on Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:20 pm

So while pulling an overnight last night at work I decided to bring in The Caretaker..I will think twice before bringing in a movie like this...a woman died in the building I work in and another drown in the creek not far from it...my co worker and I kept hearing odd things affraid above us, which upstairs is vacant (toilets flushing, sounds of high heels or boots walking) there are no blinds on the windows so people can see us but we can't see out. Not sure what Judd flick to bring in tonight I am sure tonight is my last overnight this is just a tad freaky I MIGHT go upstairs tonight we tried last night but were to shaken up.. I hope you enjoy the photo, the movie was great

FYI: It is a locked facility and no one can get in OR out without a few keys and code, you cannot get into the elevators without a key you cannot get out the emergency exits without an alarm going off..no way in, no way out..I need to try to sleep now...it is not working

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