So ONE Episode of Suddenly Susan is available on DVD..

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So ONE Episode of Suddenly Susan is available on DVD..

Post  CL on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:54 am

Of course I find out about this two days before Christmas, but whatever. Basically Warner Bros released a lot of episodes of not currently available on DVD TV shows into what they call 'A Classic Christmas Collection', which is only available made-to-order (something WB is trying out) on the WB's website. The Christmas episode included for SS is sadly, not the Jack sings Christmas Carols Crying or Very sad but the xmas episode from season one, when Jack doesn't give out bonuses and the office strikes. Not sure if its of interest to anyone, but I thought I would pass along the news anyway.
Here's the link to order, and they will ONLY ship to the US:,default,pd.html?AID=10811526&PID=3821628

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